All settings for this package reside in a dict, EDX_DRF_EXTENSIONS. Within this dict, the following keys should be specified, depending on the functionality you are using.


These settings are used by the BearerAuthentication class.


Default: None

URL of an endpoint on the OAuth2 provider where BearerAuthentication can retrieve details about the user associated with the provided access token. This endpoint should return a JSON object with user details and HTTP 200 if, and only if, the access token is valid. See BearerAuthentication.process_user_info_response() for an example of the expected data format.


These settings are used by the JwtAuthentication class. Since this class is based on JSONWebTokenAuthentication, most of its settings can be found in the documentation for rest_framework_jwt at


Default: True

If you do not want to verify the JWT audience, set the 'JWT_VERIFY_AUDIENCE' key in the JWT_AUTH setting to False.


Default: ('email',)

The list of user attributes in the JWT payload that JwtAuthentication will use to update the local User model. These payload attributes should exactly match the names the attributes on the local User model.